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HOYA (was Japan's first manufacturer of optical glass in 1941) is a global innovator and manufacturer of high quality spectacle lenses.

Hoyalux iD Workstyle V+ is their latest solution tailored to individual working conditions, offering optimal depth and width penetration at both near and intermediate distances.

What does this mean? The wearer of this technology will experience comfortable, natural vision, suited to each wearer's visual requirements whether it be for the modern working environment or leisure activities.

There are 3 design variations:

Close - Perfect for those that require high levels of concentration and precision at a predominately closer viewing distance.
Screen - Best for those who mainly work at a computer but need some range in their focus.
Space - Ideal for those who regularly perform activities where the focus is just a little further away than the computer screen.

So, if your reading glasses just aren't working for you, come and talk to us about the benefits of this technology.