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SENSITY - Light reactive lenses

Today HOYA lens launched their latest version of light reactive lenses - Sensity.

This innovation in photochromatic technology is touted as "providing unparalleled performance and outstanding user comfort".

Sensity is now available in all custom-made lenses including all of HOYA's multifocal portfolio and premium vocational lens designs.


Sensity is available with HOYA lens coatings including:

The Diamond Finish multicoat (which has the highest scratch resistance available from Hoya, reduces glare and reflection, is condensation free and water resistant and provides 100% UV protection).


in combination with UV control (protects against the aging and damaging effects of UV on the eyes) and,

Blue Control (neutralising blue light, reducing eye strain, fatigue and glare. Provides better contrast perception, offering natural colour experience with more comfortable and relaxed vision).

Sensity is available in three natural colours: grey, brown and green.

The main wearer benefits of Sensity are:

Comfortable vision in all light conditions

Consistent performance in all climates, regions and weather circumstances

Darkens to "sunglass-dark" faster than ever before (up to 40% darker after 90 seconds of UV exposure) and fades quickly to full clarity indoors (up to 23% light after 1 minute) compared to HOYA's previous design

Excellent glare reduction, superior contrast, and 100% UV protection

For more information about the new Sensity portfolio, please do not hesitate to contact us.