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Now available at Vision-X!

A new player in the multifocal contact lens market has arrived and Vision-X in Parnell is one of the first in Australasia able to offer this innovation.

Dailies Total 1 multifocal utilises amazing water gradient technology and "precision profile" design to create possibly the ultimate multifocal contact lens giving the best of all worlds - clear vision for distance and near, refreshing comfort lasting all day while maintaining high oxygen transmissibility to the eyes.

In Alcon's words: "experience the lens that feels like nothing"

Dailies Total 1 is great for those that really suffer from contact lens related dryness and have difficulty tolerating sustained contact lens wear.

And, for those experiencing the onset of presbyopia (age related loss of focus at near); this multifocal contact lens could be the answer to retaining the ability to read without glasses!

Speak to us about trialing this next generation technology.