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"Dedicated to the world of eyewear design"

The latest addition to our boutique range is a refreshing designer range of ophthalmic frames made from the finest materials; titanium, premium acetate and genuine buffalo horn.

The titanium range is made in Japan while the acetates are manufactured in Germany with all frames hand finished - a ceramic coating application to the titanium models with the acetates being hand polished.

Sven Gotti (Zuric based founder, owner and designer):

"Since our company began, our philosophy has remained consistent. We create eyewear that is simple and elegant and made of the highest quality materials. Our eyewear is reduced to the essential, enhanced with harmonious shapes and comes alive with a consistent signature. These eye glasses are intended more as jewellery than as an accessory. They are valuable and enduring objects that make the wearer look and feel great.

Gotti eyewear - innovative yet representing an impressive level of minimalism.

Latest 2016 range now in store!