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We've been asked frequently about why we recommend Theratears Nutrition to patients who have dry eyes and why it's different than the general fish oil tablets that you can get at your pharmacy.

We recommend Theratears Nutrition because it's a premium omega 3 supplement. It's GE free and organic. No ingredients were sourced from animals, or endangered plants, and no testing of the product involved cruelty to animals.

The main features of Theratears Nutrition are:

  • It's made with pharmaceutical grade fish oil; molecularly distilled
  • Organically grown, cold-pressed flaxseed oil.
  • EPA & DHA enriched.
  • Vitamin E fortified.
  • Organic flaxseed oil in non-lignan form.

How is this specific blend of omega-3s better than what is already available?

While you can buy flaxseed oil, or fish oil tablets in the health store or local pharmacy.. you can never be quite sure what you are actually getting. For example, on the shelf you might find "lignan-rich flaxseed oil" through research they have discovered that lignan-rich flaxseed oil is rich in phytoestrogens, and we know that estrogen's actually make dry eye worse.

TheraTears Nutrition contains organically grown, cold-pressed flaxseed oil without the lignan portion - making it a recommended product to help with dry eye. More importantly, TheraTears Nutrition is not just flaxseed oil. It is EPA and DHA enriched flaxseed oil. EPA and DHA are the pharmaceutically active omega 3s that go directly to work to suppress inflammatory blepharitis, augment the oil layer and stimulate tear production. By enriching flaxseed oil with these omega 3s we get an effect that if more consistent and effective across a broad range of dry eye patients.

In addition, TheraTears Nutrition enrich each softgel tablet with Vitamin E to maintain the integrity of these high quality oils. This is also important because with long-term supplementation with omega 3s there is a gradual depletion of serum vitamin E. TheraTears Nutrition prevents this by supplementing with vitamin E.

Why can't I just go out and buy fish oil?

With fish oil you have to be very concerned about heavy metal levels in the oil. There are 3 ways to purify fish oil- the cheap way, a slightly more expensive way, and the most expensive way is called "molecular distillation". TheraTears Nutrition use high quality fish oil which is molecularly distilled to get rid of any heavy metals.

The second issue with fish oil is oxidation. Fish oil can turn rancid during processing. TheraTears use pharmaceutical grade fish oil processed under nitrogen. You can tell it's fresh by smelling the soft gels - there's virtually no fish odour.

How soon can patients expect to notice the effects of taking Theratears Nutrition?

This will vary from patient to patient, but we advise patients to expect to see the effects in 4 to 8 weeks.