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Orgreen are renown for the design and manufacture of premium quality, inventive eyewear with innovative colour combinations. Established in Copenhagen in 1997 with an "aim to design strong and timeless frames for quality conscious individuals all over the world. Orgreen has always embraced the cutting edge over the safe and the cool verses the commonplace".

Inspired by the classic lines known with reinvention into a unique look only as Orgreen can.

All is designed and developed in Denmark with handmade production in Japan from the most high-end of materials (such as titanium and beta titanium) by the utmost professional craftsmen and suppliers, handpicked with the greatest care.

Orgreen are dedications to state-of-the-art craftsmanship elegantly combined with ties design philosophy.

Orgreen: Danish design at its best! (NOW INSTORE)



Southern Cross Health Society Easy-claim (“Easy-claim”) is a convenient way for Southern Cross members to claim for eligible healthcare services at the time of purchase, without completing a claim form...And is now available at Vision-X!

How to use Easy-claim:

Simply present your Member card at the counter when you are purchasing eligible healthcare products and services at Vision-X. If your plan covers the product or service and it qualifies, Southern Cross will reimburse us directly. All you need to do is pay us (Vision-X) any contribution you are responsible for so you don’t have to worry about filling out claim forms or waiting for refunds!*


* Southern Cross terms and Conditions: Your Member card is an accepted means of identification to electronically claim for qualifying healthcare products and services at selected health service providers. When you claim electronically for eligible healthcare services for yourself (or anyone else named on the policy) Southern Cross Medical Care Society deems this to be a claim under your policy, and you authorise Southern Cross Medical Care Society to process the claim in accordance with your policy coverage (or the policy coverage for the other person named on the policy) and pay the selected health service provider direct. The policyholder will receive all communications from Southern Cross Medical Care Society in relation to each electronic claim. At any time, you may advise Southern Cross Medical Care Society that you do not wish to electronically claim.


We are often asked this question, which is becoming increasing relevant with the dramatic increase in the use of digital devices.

Research is yet to categorically prove actual damage from prolonged viewing of these devices but there is certainly no doubt that it causes discomfort and eyestrain. Symptoms include (but not limited to) dry eyes, irritable and red eyes, blurred vision, eye fatigue, headaches, head, neck and back pain.

The 2015 (US) report by The Vision Council (Hindsight is 20/20/20: Protect your eyes from digital devices) found that nearly 2 out of 3 people viewing screens routinely experience some form of eyestrain.

The report reveals that a third of adults spend more than 9 hours per day on some digital device with a clear generational difference. Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) were the highest users at 37.4%.

Digital devices all emit HEV (high energy visible)/ blue light, which has the most potential to damage living tissue. Laboratory and animal studies have shown exposure to high levels of HEV light can damage tissue in the retina in a way that appears consistent with retinal changes associated with macula degeneration; a leading cause of permanent vision loss in the older generation. But, no one is sure yet if prolonged use of digital devices causes sufficient exposure to HEV light to cause permanent damage to the eye/s.

Increased screen usage is part of the trend towards an increased level of prolonged close viewing tasks which is thought to contribute to the increasing levels of myopia (short-sightedness) proliferating in the developed world.

There are a number of things you can do to help yourself and hopefully minimise the negative consequences if you indeed cannot be away from your digital devices.

  • Have a regular eye exam; even a minor refractive error can create eyestrain and be exaggerated by digital device use.
  • If spectacles are required, ask for lenses that block HEV/blue light and are multi-coated to eliminate reflection, improve contrast and reduce glare effects.
  • Always try to maintain good posture, a comfortable working/viewing distance from your screen or device and reasonable room lighting.
  • Adopt the 20-20-20 rule. After every 20 minutes of viewing, take a 20 second break and look at something in the distance 20 feet (6 metres) away. This relaxes the muscles in and around the eye and stimulates blinking which improves comfort.

And, the best advice of all? Get away from that digital device and head outdoors!

There are a number of options for those wishing to have their spectacle prescription put into their cycling glasses/sunglasses.

The advantages of this are many:

  • It can enhance and improve your riding experience and if you’re competitive; may just give you an edge.
  • Lenses that wrap around your face provide essential protection. Protection from elements such as wind, rain and sunlight but also insects and debris. A wrap lens also helps minimise glare and reflected light from surfaces and even from the back surface of your lenses. Until recently, the issue was always that some wrap lenses were too curved to incorporate your prescription. Technological advancement now allow direct fit of lenses so your prescription is actually in the wrap lens and there is no need for an additional optical adaptor to be fitted behind the wrap lens. This reduces weight; means there is not another surface to worry about and has less consequence on peripheral awareness.

Traditionally, polycarbonate lenses have been used to incorporate your prescription because of its high impact resistance but we now have better optical quality (Abbe value), hi-index, high impact resistant resin lenses available. These can be mirror coated to block light and improve contrast as well as multi-coated to eliminate reflection and improve definition. The tint options are endless. Clear or orange lenses for overcast days to full tints for sunny days, all still providing full UV protection.  Lenses can be polarised but remember that polarisation while eliminating glare effects will mean you won’t be able to see your cycling computer LCD screen.

Lenses can be made in single-vision (distance prescription only), bifocal and progressive/multifocal designs for those requiring distance and near assistance. Important if you are presbyopic (age related loss of focus at near). Acknowledgement of an appropriate lens design to take in to account your cycling posture and the likely terrain you will be riding through is extremely important.

We at Vision-X, will advise and help you through the many choices to ensure the best result.

With optical technology continuing to evolve, the good news is that your prescription performance eyewear can be as up to date as your bike and the rest of your cycling gear.

Every year in September, Paris is host to Silmo ( a major international optics and eyewear trade fair ).

This is usually where a significant number of designer eyewear brands launch new ranges and showcase their talent.

This year we were fortunate enough to attend the preview of the latest releases by renowned designers Alain Mikli and Philippe Stark in Sydney the week before the actual fair.

These releases will be in store around mid-November (2015).